We serve as an extension of your team.

Our focus is to evolve and modernize your communications function. We facilitate conversations across all business functions and create sustainable communication systems built to scale as your organization grows.

As professional communicators, we have an extraordinary opportunity to impact the world. Our passion is to positively influence people by improving their experience at work.

We stand for humility, curiosity, diversity, quality and ultimately, for making workplaces more human.

Our Team

We represent an eclectic mix of makers, writers, strategists, technologists, and designers – all cut from the same cloth.

Preston Lewis


Preston is an energetic and creative leader that helps companies understand how to solve complex problems through communication and design. He is an experienced advisor in the context of in branding, employee experience, internal communications, growth and transformation and enjoys traveling the globe speaking about the future of work.

Little Known Fact:
Preston is a Past-President of the Marin County Burger Club.

Favorite Restaurant:
Restaurants are currently doing take-out only : ). However, he typically does Mediterranean food for take out, or delivery.

Mike Lepis


Mike is a creative strategist who drives insight-driven solutions to enhance the employee experience. He brings 20+ years of experience in communications, branding, and employee engagement to helping clients create meaningful change in the workspace. Mike is an innovative collaborator and thought leader who crafts meaningful employee experiences guiding each client to become an employer of choice.

Little-known fact:
As an avid paddler, Mike’s natural habitat is saltwater.

Favorite Restaurant: 
Big River, Mendocino CA

Kevin Lewis


Kevin is passionate about relationships. His experience spans over decades as he has operationalized processes and systems to nurture and sustain connections to elevate the craft of communications and experience design.

Little Known Fact:
Kevin participates in a national pinball gaming league.

Favorite Restaurant:
Anything vegan, East Bay, San Francisco Bay Area

Webb Wright


Webb is a Project Manager with a background in market research, communications, and writing.  Taken together, he specializes in a project management style that is face-forward, highly communicative, organized, and efficient.  Regardless of size or scope, Webb brings a commitment to quality and a passion for nuanced, creative solutions to all of the projects he oversees.

Little Known Fact:
Webb has been whitewater rafting since he was (literally) three-months old.  His parents used to use straps to attach his crib to the back of their cataraft when they would navigate rapids, and he spent his first and second birthdays on the Dolores River, near his hometown of Durango, Colorado.

Favorite Restaurant:
Burma Superstar, Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA

Allee Zapp


Allee is a Senior Producer with over 16 years of experience shepherding a broad spectrum of marketing projects through the creative cycle. She works with sole proprietors to Fortune 500 clients and a range of creative talent to design and produce impactful marketing strategies that tell stories in a meaningful way and connect with audiences. She has worked with brands such as Microsoft, Intel, Ann Inc., Humm Kombucha, HP, Dell, Nike, and NBCUniversal.

Allee graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Multimedia. Bend, Oregon is home and she enjoys camping with her family at the mountain lakes of the High Desert, skiing Mt. Bachelor, and cooking yummy dinners for her husband and 2 young boys. Allee is also a devoted mentor and thrives on hanging out with inspiring people and volunteering in her community. She has served as the President of the Board of Directors for the Waldorf School of Bend and as the Co-Lead Organizer for TEDxBend.

Little Known Fact:

Allee has been scuba diving in 5 countries and seen many beautiful ocean creatures but the most memorable has been encountering a group of sharks 80 feet below the ocean’s surface.

Favorite Restaurant:
Araina, Galveston Ave., Bend, OR

Courtney Hilow


Courtney is an experienced graphic designer who conceptualizes thoughtful, aesthetically pleasing graphics; graphics that capture attention and make information easy for audiences to understand. Her keen ability to adapt to any situation and create clean, high-quality, and on-brand work in a variety of formats is what has driven her success as a visual communicator.

Little-known fact:
Courtney used to live and work on a tropical fruits farm in Pahoa, Hawaii

Favorite Restaurant: 
Work & Class, RiNo, Denver

Jeff Mackewicz


Jeff specializes in creating strategically driven, visitor-focused experiences for web and mobile environments. His work ranges from modern, highly interactive front-end experiences to web applications and intranets.

Little Known Fact:
Jeff spends more weekends camping than most people spend watching sports.

Favorite Restaurant:
Gather, Berkeley, CA

Hannah Egner


Hannah is a skilled and experience communicator. She has experience crafting brand language, narratives and general content for clients across a wide variety of industries. Hannah is inspired by new challenges, and works with the team and clients to meet the hardest expectations of any  project that comes her way.

Little-known fact:
Hannah is currently completing her MBA.

Favorite Restaurant: 

Mario San Miguel


Mario is an award-winning videographer and film editor. His experience spans education, government agencies and NGOs, as well as working with entrepreneurs and innovators focused on telecommunications, sustainable food systems, law and technology.

Little Known Fact:
Mario is an expert drone navigator and captures footage in places unknown to many.

Favorite Restaurant:
Gordos on Clement Street in San Francisco.

Rachel Watkins


Over the past 20 years, Rachel has worked with senior executives in companies with 3,000 to 300,000 employees worldwide. She is a strong change leader and program architect, adept at working cross-functionally and quickly building effective business relationships. Having started her career in Europe, Rachel has experience developing employer brands in Asia, India and Singapore. To keep things even more interesting (if that is possible), Rachel speaks French and holds dual British-American citizenship.

Little Known Fact:
Rachel’s singing coach in London also trained Shirley Bassey, Annie Lennox and a number of other famous voices.

Favorite Restaurant:
Galtres Lodge, York, United Kingdom

Megan Kent


Megan’s greatest passion is creating desire for brands – by helping them clarify what they stand for, and then determining the best possible ways to bring their ideals to life. Her expertise is in understanding the conscious and subconscious cues which define an overall brand experience, and cause consumers to intuitively prefer one brand over another.  Megan often speaks on this topic to next generation marketers at NYU, Darden Business School at the University of Virginia, as well as local and national marketing associations.

Little Known Fact:
Megan speaks Spanish like a native – her first job out of college was at a lollipop company in Barcelona!

Favorite Restaurant:
Her dining table at home in Brooklyn Heights, NY

Renée Pelton


Renee is a growth-driven business strategist who specializes in executing complex projects with a detail-oriented lens. She has been a consultant for over 10 years in various fields of communication including marketing, sales, legal and SEM. Her clients over the years have included small to mid-sized businesses as well as some of the world’s largest companies  No matter the size of the company, Renee strives to help complete communication change management with empathy, execution and ease.

Little-known fact:
Renee is an avid Clemson University supporter and plays the acoustic and bass guitar, piano, and ukulele.

Favorite Restaurant: 
Stone’s Throw, Hyde Street, San Francisco